Build, Deploy, Run and Scale apps on our

innovative Platform as a Service

A Platform to enable you as a developer to focus on activities that truly matter.

Unleash your creativity and start building with one-click setup of your development environment. Simply focus on building and innovate with peace of mind: leave the rest to the platform!

Why CONNECT for your SaaS business?

Focus on your core competencies

Free your developers of the tedious tasks of finding issues or customer support. Reduce their burden of finding and debating on the business needs of applications and explaining what is technically possible and enable them to build your core competencies and extend them by coming up with creative solutions to end-user challenges.

Reduce your development costs

Developers spend at least 30% of their time building basic services like authentication or finding the right SDKs for their project or coding services and applications that other developers have already built several times. Companies can spend anywhere from 1400 EUR to 5000 EUR per month on Dev-Ops. Increase the impact of the work of your developers by reducing the recurring and redundant tasks they have to do.

Accelerate your product's progress

Reiterate and prototype faster and easier by not only building more intuitively but also by leveraging our "Watch" feature to watch your code execute in action and debug faster. By using existing Connect packages increase the speed of your development and ship features faster and more effectively.

Take into account the dynamic needs of your customers and deliver

User churn rate for Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions averages from anywhere from 3% - 5%. Engage your customers from the get-go, accelerate your feedback loop and build and ship features that add true value and solve actual problems for your customers to retain them.

Pricing and offering?

  • Free developer instance for you to start tinkering with CONNECT platform
  • Suitable for building minimum viable products (MVPs), proof of concepts and personal projects
  • Frictionless one-click development environment setup
  • Focus on building and ease your mind about Dev-Ops and scaling
20excl. tax
  • Production instances backed by containers with 512MB of RAM
  • Build and deploy the backends of mobile, web apps and services as well as integrations and APIs
  • Benefit from existing CONNECT packages for faster development
  • Focus on building faster, easier and leave the scaling to the platform
Want to go into production with your application?
  • Contact us for services or simply advice on how best to leverage CONNECT platform to do it in the most cost-efficient and seamless way
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Need to build the frontend? Need full-stack development expertise? Want to optimize Dev-Ops and cost down on your development costs?
  • Contact us for add-on consulting and development services. Leverage our expertise to build production ready application for scale at affordable cost
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Who are we?

Beenish Waris
Lone Business Developer
Critic of everything
Eugene Ghanizadeh Khoub
Lazy Developer
Idea Machine
Mustapha Ben Chaaben
Hyper-productive Developer

We are a Munich based team from the Technical University Munich

Resident at

Home-office can be tough and social isolation needs adapting to. But take this opportunity to think about that app you always wanted to develop or with the changing socio-economic environment and customer needs maybe you just got inspired and had an idea!!!

We are a small team of UI/UX Designer, Backend Engineer and Business Developer and Marketeer and will make your ideas come to life.

Once your MVP is built and in production, you can simply focus on your business development and hosting on connect would mean that we take care of all the technical aspects of development, deployment and scaling for you! So think of that side project you always wanted to develop. Build it with us! Simply fill out the form and we will get in touch within 24 hours.

Thank you for contacting us! We will get back to you shortly.

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