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Serverless Graphical Backend Development Tool

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CONNECT platform allows you to create server-less microservices intuitively and efficiently, without compromising the control you would get with traditional coding. Become faster, less error-prone and more focused.

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EXAMPLE: creating a simple password-based authentication backend

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EXAMPLE: debugging code visually in CONNECT platform

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EXAMPLE: inline coding in CONNECT platform

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Because of the non-linear flow of asynchronous code, it inevitably tangles upon itself when you represent it in a linear fashion, i.e. text-based representation:


However, you can easily untangle that flow by simply presenting it on a graph, which naturally results in a more intuitive and faster to work with form:

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Deploy & Scale Seamlessly

Our serverless platform allows you to focus on the logic of your micro-services while CONNECT platform takes care of the rest.

OR, use our docker image to deploy anywhere from your own servers to your laptop or use our boiler-plate project to create your own CONNECT-based projects. Want to attach CONNECT to an existing Node.js service? Simply use our NPM package!

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// get the platform
const platform = require('connect-platform');

// add a node that outputs hellow to some dude

  // so first the signature of the node.
    path: '/my-package/hellow',
    public: false,
    inputs: ['dude'],
    outputs: ['message'],

  // then the functionality.
  (inputs, output) => {
    output('message', `hellow ${inputs.dude}!`);

The Limit is Your Imagination

Switch to coding in Javascript at any point you find synchronous coding more convenient, as CONNECT is based on Node.js.

Use any NPM package on your instances, or easily create your own CONNECT packages using our package boilerplate project on GitHub.

With this level of flexibility and technical freedom, you can practically build any logical microservice that you could build with Node.js in a fraction of the time. This is not just hyperbole: that is how we built the Platform as a Service (PaaS) for CONNECT utilizing CONNECT itself.

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Inter-CONNECT Your Micro-Services

Utilize functionality of a CONNECT micro-service in another one just as you would call a function of another package. CONNECT makes inter-connecting your micro-services consistently effortless.

Inter-CONNECT is not limited to micro-services built with CONNECT. Any remote service complying with the INTERCONNECTIBILITY API spec can be easily integrated into CONNECT platform.

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Interested? Lets Have a Chat!

Join our Discord server, send us a message on Twitter, create issues on GitHub or simply drop us an email on info@connect-platform.com

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